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Wii Fit star
The Wii Fit "game" for the Wii is far more than a game! It comes with a balance board and lets you practice yoga, strength training, aerobics and other fitness games with your very own Personal Trainer.

Baseball - Nintendo Wii Sports star
Baseball, that traditional sport of strategy and technique. The Wii sports version of baseball is quite simplified and can be a little tricky.

Bowling - Nintendo Wii Sports star
Bowling is probably the easiest game of the Wii sports set. You draw your hand back, you release the ball, and it goes down the lane towards the pins.

Boxing - Nintendo Wii Sports star
Of the five games in the Nintendo Wii sports package, boxing is probably the most mature. Sure, there's no blood, but you're doing two fisted attacks directly on your opponent's head.

Fitness - Nintendo Wii Sports star
The fitness portion of the Nintendo Wii sports pack is sort of like Brain Age for your brain on the DS. It tracks your health progress over time.

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout Wii star
Gold's Gym Cardio Workout is primarily a boxing training game. There are some warmup workouts, but the game focuses on training to box. If you love boxing, then you'll be set.

Golf - Nintendo Wii Sports star
The golf component of the Nintendo Wii Sports Pack offers three levels of difficulty, something none of the other sports games in this set provides.

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour GameCube star
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour for the Nintendo GameCube is a fun game that involves a variety of real golf decisions. Wii owners should be pleased to know that it plays well on the Wii as well!

Nintendo Wii Sports Game star
The launch title with the Nintendo Wii is the Sports pack. This set of five different games includes baseball, tennis, bowling, golf and boxing.

Rapala Tournament Fishing star
Rapala Tournament Fishing for your Wii lets you fish in a variety of locations - New York, Minnesota, Florida, the Amazon and many other places.

Super Swing Golf Wii star
Intriguingly, Super Swing Golf Wii is an example of an online, free multi-player game porting to a console and becoming a single player sports game.

Tennis - Nintendo Wii Sports star
Tennis is a game that works rather well with the Wii remote control. You just swing your arm, and your character swings the racquet. It works great for up to four players!

Training - Nintendo Wii Sports star
The training area of the Nintendo Wii Sports lets you practice your skills and hone your hand-eye coordination. This is good not just for gaming!

Wave Race : Blue Storm star
Like fun sports action? Wave Race : Blue Storm brings fun jet-ski wave riding to the Game Cube with gorgeous water graphics.

Wave Race : Blue Storm star
Like fun sports action? Wave Race : Blue Storm brings fun jet-ski wave riding to the Game Cube with gorgeous water graphics.

Wii Fit - A Year as a Top Seller star
Wii Fit was seen by some as a silly video game application. It gets you to exercise. To their surprise, Wii Fit was a top seller for the Nintendo Wii. Ovr a year later, it still maintains its top spot in sales lists and the hearts of Wii owners.

Wii Sports Resort Review star
Wii Sports Resort is a great collection of mini-games all located at a mythical island. You can do archery, frisbee, swordfighting, golf, and more. Lots of fun!

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