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Reviews for the console and accessories

Android Games
One of the hottest markets for handheld games is with Android phones and devices. Learn what great games are available to download for your Android unit!

GameBoy Advance
Read here for reviews of all the latest GameBoy Advance games, from RPGs to action adventures!

iPod / iTouch
iPod and iTouch games are amazingly fun, and come in a wide variety of styles.

Nintendo DS
This dual screen system combines classic back-lit gameplay with a PDA style touch screen for double the fun!

Nokia N-Gage

Sony PSP
The Sony PSP is an awesome gaming machine that also lets you play movies, audio files, show photos and much more.

Standalone Units
The game systems donĀ“t take cartridges or disks - you simply buy the unit with the games it has pre-loaded on it.

Tiger Gizmondo
The Gizmondo from Tiger gained huge success in Europe, but is entering the US market later than many similar handhelds. How well will it do?

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