Raising a Child Alone

Single Parents
Series of articles on the special challenges of the varying circumstance leading parents to single parenthood, including divorce, abandonment, death, and choice.

A Story of Abandonment star
One woman´s story of abandonment and how it effected her outlook on life.

Better to Give Than to Receive star
We all have blessings in our lives, just as we have trials. And we can all make life better for someone who is more disadvantaged than ourselves. All it takes is time, compassion and understanding.

Dealing With Anger Issues star
While we all have anger, we all deal with it differently. Exploring reactions and emotional needs may give us the answer to controlling our anger.

Dealing with Prejudice star
Prejudice comes in many styles and forms: gender, race, sexuality, religion, ethnicity and socio-econmic status. We are all "different" in some way. How do we teach our children not to be harmed by prejudice they may face and how to respond without resorting to prejudice themselves?

Follow-up: Raising a Child Alone - Abandonment star
This is a follow-up article to the one on the issues of raising a child alone due to abandonment. As my children have grown, I have realized that new issues continue to arise in regards to this subject. I hope this article will help the parents of abandoned children realize that healing is an on-g

Grandparents and the Single Parent Family star
Single parents need a strong support system and one of the key players in that system should be grandparents.

History Repeats Itself star
Sometimes it only takes a moment to remind us of an incident - ages ago - where we learned a valuable parenting lesson.

Infallible vs. Always-Fallible Parents star
Parenting is never easy, but single parents have the added pressure of being the only parent. Sometimes that pressure is not dealt with easily and it results in parents who believe that they either must be infallible or are always-fallible. How can we avoid these tendencies?

Overwhelmed by Single Parenting star
Sometimes, for some parents, single parenting becomes overwhelming. As tough as they may be, how do we make the right decisions?

Raising a Child Alone - Abandonment star
Second in a series, this article looks at single parenting due to abandonment of child and family and the challenges it brings to parenting a child.

Raising A Child Alone - By Death star
Raising a child alone is difficult; dealing with the death of a spouse and parent makes it more difficult. These are a few suggestions for the benefit of you and your child.

Raising a Child Alone - Divorce star
The first in a series of articles on the challenges of raising a child alone regardless of reason. The series will explore divorce, abandonment, death, and choice.

Reviving Family star
There are many types of families and family issues, but with cooperation and perserverance families can live up to the important roles with which they have been entrusted.

The Ideal Parent star
Is there such a thing as an "ideal parent?" Are there traits to which we can aspire? What is "ideal" to one may be deficient to another. How can we be the best parent we can be?

The Needs of Young Mothers star
Very young mothers (16-20) find themselves in a new world where much is expected fo them. As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc., there is much that we can - and should - offer in support of this new phase of life.

Time-Saving Meal Plan star
Most parents, especially single parents, are all too aware of the value of time. This article is one suggestion turning one meal into three and saving time that can be better spent while still providing a healthy meal for your children.

We All Have Anger Issues star
We all have anger issues. Some of us learn to deal with them better than others. How do we help our children understand and deal with their own?

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