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Avoiding Teen Marriage star
In looking at the questions "How can we avoid teen marriage?" we must ask ourselves why teens desire to be married. The answer may surprise you - and the solutions are require understanding and sound parenting.

Back To School! star
Back to School is never as simple as it looks on the supply store commercials. There are always challenges! You are not alone!

Benefits of Choices star
The battle of wills between parent and child can be a nightmare. What happens when you employ the tactic of structured choices?

Benefits of the Family Environment star
Today's children and teens miss out on many necessary skills and much needed knowledge when they substitute friends for the family environment. What are the pros and cons of each and where should parents stand?

Creating Balance for Family star
Parents have to make choices every day. As single parents, we are stretched even thinner than most. How can we find the balance we need to be good parents with all of our other responsibilities?

Dealing with Difficult Conversations star
All conversations with your children will not be easy - but all conversations are necessary. Learn how to face difficult topics head-on!

Easy Access to Nature star
Second only to parental fears, the lack of easy access to nature is cited as the reason so many of our children miss out on its benefits. With physical, emotional and spiritual healing properties, nature should be high on our list for family experiences.

Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet star
Lots of sites attempt to tell parents how to keep their children safe on the internet. Which tips are really the best?

Learning By Example star
Children learn by example. What lessons are you teaching?

Learning to Let Go star
We begin letting go of our children from the time they are born, but none of it prepares us for the time when they move out into the world.

Making the Adjustment from Single Parenting to Step-Parenting star
Most single parents hope that one day they will find someone with whom they want to share their lives - including the parenting responsibilities. How do you adjust to the inclusion of a step-parent?

Nature or Technology star
Today's children are immersed in technology of many forms - computers, movies, video games, and television. Consequently, there is a increase in diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression, coupled with a decrease in social skills and positive coping methods. Could nature be the answer?

Nature's Effect on Children star
As nature becomes a decreasing portion of the lives of children, how are our children effected? What can we do to re-connect our children with the beneficial forces of nature?

Never Say Never star
We all make promises to ourselves regarding actions made by our parents that we will not repeat with our own children. Sometimes those actions are not as harsh as we may think - and repeating them may not be the "end of the world."

Okay to Say No star
Some parents don't say it often enough; some say it all the time. The word, "No", is often a cause of conflict between parents and children. How do we balance the need to say "no"?

On Living with Grown Children star
One day you wake up and find that the tiny little baby that needed you for everything had grown into an adult. It comes as no surprise; it is how it is meant to be. But how well, as a parent, do you deal?

Parenting for Independence star
Independence is one of the goals of parenting - for both the parent and the child. How do we teach our children to attain independence successfully?

Purple Hair, Tattoos & Piercings star
Self-discovery and self-expression is the cry of every teen. How can parents take a common sense approach, refraining from emotions taking a key role in the process? It´s never easy, but there are some things to consider...

Ready for Toilet-Training! star
A milestone in the life of every toddler and parent is potty-training. So how do you know when they are ready? How do you make it a succesful process?

Resources for Fathers star
Being a single father provides a unique set of challenges. A new web site, Dictionary for Dads, hopes to aid fathers with sound advice on parenting skills and fathering duties.

Social Networking for Children and Teens star
The internet has become many things to the world - a matchmaker, a playground, a shopping mall, and a babysitter, just to name a few. What do we need to consier when we allow our children and teens to spend time on the internet?

Teens and Stress star
We all hear about the stress of being a teenager. Most of us think about kids who are unsupervised, into drugs, or have other crises in their lives. But are these the only kids who deal with stress?

The Always-Fallible Parent star
The opposite of the infallible parent, the always-fallible parent finds a way to blame themselves for everything that happens in the life of their child. Why do they do this? And how can they break the cycle?

The Infallible Parent star
Infallible parents believe that they must always be right. This does not necessarily mean that they believe that they ARE always right, just that they have the expectation of themselves that they should always be right. Do you fit into this category?

The Need for Guidance star
Children and teens need lots of guidance in order to gain the tools they need to make safe, sound decisions for their future. While there are many places they can learn their decisio-making skills, the best source of such guidance is parents.

The Theory of Family star
How would you define family? How do today's youth and teens define family? What is the difference between family structure and family theory? Today's teens are exploring the concept of family in ways that differ from previous generations. How can we help them?

They are What we Teach star
What is the point of raising children the "right" way? And what is the "right" way? Where does the responsibility lie? As parents, we are their prime example...what are you teaching your children?

Warbling the Empty Nest Blues star
Empty Nest Syndrome - most commonly experienced by women, sometimes considered a mental health disorder, and not the dreaded event that so many parents fear. Perhaps it is simply part of growing up?

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