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Web sites that focus on the health and well-being of the child in the single parent home.

Caregiver's Bracelets Save Lives star
Every year children die when left in a vehicle, often because the parents are in such a hurry or have experienced a change in routine and forget. This simple product can save their lives.

Choosing Quality Day Care star
Finding quality day care for your child can be the hardest and the most important decision you can make. This article talks about important factors that should be considered when screening day care centers.

Dealing with Abandonment Trauma star
It is not possible to eliminate the trauma from the abandonment of a child, but it is possible for the custodial parent to aid the child in finding healthy ways to deal with his/her emotions.

Dealing with Teen Suicide star
Prevention is the obvious goal when it comes to teen suicide. But what can we do once it happens to help our teens deal with the aftermath?

Family N You star[offsite link]
Not only a section just for single parents that tackes special needs in an open & honest manner, but also guides for children´s growth, psychology, health, discipline, and lots of creative activities.

Finding Balance Through Nature star
A childhood experience that has stayed with me all my life has also been helpful in raising my daughters. Teaching relaxation and balance through nature has amazing effects!

Go Green with ALL star
All small & mighty laundry detergent is sponsoring a contest to encourage families and schools to "go green."

Helping Children Cope with Loss star
Coping with loss can be difficult for an adult and yet it is a parent´s job to help our children learn how to deal with loss and keep them feeling safe as a child. What can we do to accomplish these tasks?

Keeping Children Out of Divorce star
The break-up of a family due to divorce will always have some impact on the children. However, there are ways for parents to keep this damage to a minimum.

Keeping Kids Busy When They Aren't in School star
The kids are bored and want to know what they can do. They stare at your blankly when you reply, "Use your imagination!" What can you do?

Learning to Walk star
From they time they are able to move about themselves, our children are looking for ways to go farther and faster. Learning to walk is an exciting step for the child and parent. But what should we do to make the process more healthy?

Life After Abandonment star
Abandonment is a feeling that never goes away. A person simply cannot "get over it" without first walking through it and thoroughly exploreing it. What does happen when our children face abandonment and decide to deal?

Making the Most of Your LIfe star
We ask our teens to trust, have faith, and believe in themselves, but do we guide them in "how" this should be done? Sometimes we are not sure ourselves.

Outdoor Summer Games & Treats star
Having plenty of ideas on hand for fun summer-time activities for children is always a good idea. Outdoor activities allow children to release energy, experience nature, and enjoy the joys of summer.

Overachievers Revisited star
There is nothing wrong with a drive for success, as long as it does not squelch the desire to enjoy life. Overachievers sometimes lose focus of this fact and need to be taught a different view of living.

Relationship Lessons for Teens and Young Adults star
Teens and young adults face many challenges in learning life´s relationship lessons. How can we, as parents, assist them in this process?

SAMMY Scholarship star
The Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year scholarship awards $7,500 to eligible student athletes who excel in academics and athletics. Find out how to apply here!

Schools and Guns star
Should we allow resource officers and/or teachers to carry guns on school grounds? Will the presence of concealed weapons have a positive or negative effect on an active shooter situation? Despite the heated debate, we simply do not have enough evidence to know for sure.

Self-Worth and Misconceptions star
While it is a good idea to remind ourselves of these truths, this article is actually aimed at your tweens and teens. Self-worth is a delicate commodity. As parents, we need to take every opportunity to let our children know they are valuable and are responsible for their own worth.

Standing Up To Bullies star
Bullying comes in more forms than ever, but one thing remains the same - we need to teach our children how to stand up to bullies so that the bullying stops.

Strenthening our Daughters' Self-Images star
As strong as women have become in today's world, we still have young girls, teen girls, so fail to see their own self-worth. How can we strengthen their self-image?

Support the VFW National Home for Children star
Join General Motors in supporting the VFW National Home for Children this Memorial Day!

Talking about Divorce and Abandonment star
Dealing with divorce and/or abandonment is never easy, especially for a child. Ignoring the situation and your child´s feelings are never the answer. Take the time to talk with them, and especially to listn.

Teen Depression star
Teens are a strange breed, exhibiting mood swings and developing their own personalities and character traits. So how do we know, as parents, when there is a real problem?

Teens and the GSA star
The teenage years are a critical time of examining sexuality and beliefs regarding sexuality. As parents and adults, are we promoting the right environment for our teens to successfully answer these difficult questions for themselves?

The Benefits of Nature star
Our society, which once depended upon nature, has been slowly losing touch with nature. Perhaps modernization has resulted in a loss of balance that can only be restored through the "great outdoors."

The Crazy Cycle of Sleep star
Infants and children need lots of sleep, but that doesn't mean that they agree with that statement. In the process of their "sleep rebellion", parents lose sleep, too. But what can we do?

Those Tiny Picky Eaters star
There are many reasons that toddlers are picky eaters. From their physical size to their activity level to their struggle for independence, there are ways for parents to cope with a picky eater!

When They are Ostracized star
Bullying and being ostracized can have the same damaging effect on our children and teens. For some, being ostracized is more devastating. How can we, as parents, help our teens find their niche?

Zero Tolerance or Zero Sense? star
Do zero tolerance policies serve their purpose? Do the benefits outweigh the pitfalls? Or are they a scapegoat to keep adults from making decisions?

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