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Additional Outstanding Perennial Sages star
East Friesland and May Night sages are two outstanding perennials for the home landscape.

Additional Perennials For Damp Sites star
Some of the perennials do well in damp sites. Gardeners can choose from the following.

Arizona Sun Blanket Flower star
The All-America Selections winners for 2005 have been announced. Tough hot summers call for rough and ready plants. Arizona Sun blanket flower can take whatever comes.

Award Winning Purple Coneflowers star
Ruby Star and Magnus are award winning purple coneflowers. They are perfect choices for the home landscape.

Beautiful for a Day Daylilies star
The Latin name for daylily is Greek for ´beautiful for a day.´

Becky Shasta Daisy star
For beds and borders, Becky Shasta daisy can´t be beat.

Betony-A Pollinator Plant star
Betony is a lovely perennial that is well worth growing. It is highly suitable for pollinator gardens.

Caramel and Palace Purple Coralbells star
Caramel and Palace Purple are two very popular perennials for the home landscape.

Care Free Perennials star
Care free perennials are a perfect choice for busy gardeners. These require minimal care.

Casa Flora star[offsite link]
Gardeners can learn all about the hardy and tropical fern varietiies along with the herbaceous perennials, all of which should be available at local garden centers and nureries. The site only sells wholesale.

Cheyenne Spirit and Other Echinaceas star
Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea is an award winning series that is highly recommended along with Cara Mia Rose and Cleopatra echinaceas.

Colorburst Orange and Doubledecker Echinaceas star
Colorburst Orange, Elton Knight, and Doubledecker Echineaceas are award winning varieties that deserve a place in the garden.

Common Fireweed star
The common fireweed is by far the most widespread fireweed. It occurs in all areas of the globe.

Coronation Gold Yarrow and Dianthus Firewitch star
Coronation Gold yarrow and Dianthus Firewitch are a superstar among perennials.

Dealing with Poison Ivy and Poison Oak star
Poison ivy and poison oak pose serious problems for some gardeners. While some people can touch the plants without getting a rash, others aren't so lucky.

Easy to Grow Perennials star
Easy to grow perennials are ideal choices for overworked gardeners. These require little upkeep.

Echinaceas for the Garden star
The echinaceas or coneflowers are very popular garden plants. The most beloved is the purple coneflower.

Fire Witch Cheddar Pink in the Landscape star
If you´re looking for a reliable flowering perennial for the landscape, you won´t go wrong with Firewitch cheddar pink.

Flame Thrower and Fragrant Angel Echinaceas star
There are so many great echinaceas available, including ones with green or scented blooms.

Flowering Sages star
One of my favorite herbs is the sage for its crinkled gray leaves are so attractive.

Graoe Leaf Anemone star
Grapeleaf anemone and Honorine Jobert anemone are highly recommended for the home landscape.

Green Twister and Hot Papaya Echinaceas star
Green Twister and Hot Papaya echinaceas are two novel varieties.

Ground Covers star
Ground covers are really any kind of plant, either sprawling or upright, that will spread to cover an area.

Growing Fireweeds star
The fireweeds are desirable garden plants for certain situations. They're also known as willow-herbs.

Growing Yarrows and Recommended Types star
Yarrows are easy to grow, care free plants. Some recommended types are recommended below.

Hellebore-Perennial of the Year for 2005 star
Each year the Perennial Plant Association chooses a perennial of the year. For 2005, they selected Lenten rose, also known as hellebore.

History of Chicory star
Chicory was used by the ancients for some five thousand years or so.

Hollyhocks in the Landscape star
With their exuberant nature, the hollyhocks have earned a place in the landscape.

Hot Summer and Kim's Knee High Echinaceas star
Of the many Echinacea varieties that can be found, ones like Kim's Knee High stands out from the crowd.

Hummelo Stachys-Perennial of the Year for 2019 star
Gardeners can't go wrong if they choose Hummelo Stachys. This perennial was named Perennial of the Year for 2019.

Jewels of Summer star
With few exceptions, perennial beds and borders deserve a place in most every gardn.

Joe-Pye-Weed as Landscape Plants star
The native joe-pye-weeds are excellent choices for wildflower gardens.

Julia and Magnus Echinaceas star
Julia, Magnus, and Mama Mia Echinaceas are some award winning Echinacea varieties that are readily available.

Late Blooming Sages star
Nature has surprises in store for fall. Witness all the spectacular late-blooming perennials. Among these are several sages.

More Big Bang Coreopsis Series Varieties star
The Big Bang series of coreopsis are spectacular plants. Here are profiles for some of those.

Multi-Colored Heirloom Daffodils star
So many kinds of daffodils. Here are profiles of some multi-colored ones.

Northwest Bulb & Perennial star[offsite link]
This nursery specializes in bulbs and perennials.

Part 1-Ferns for the Landscape star
I was introduced to ferns by mistake. While walking around the front yard one evening, I happened to notice a tiny fern growing under a maple tree.

Part I-Year of the Dianthus star
2004 is Year of the Dianthus. Each year, the National Garden Bureau selects a flower for this special honor. This article is Part I of a two part series on these wonderful plants.

Part II-Ferns for the Landscape star
This is the final article in a two-part series on ferns for the landscape.

Part II-Year of the Dianthus star
This is the final article of a two-part series on dianthus. These plants were honored by the National Garden Bureau. 2004 is Year of the Dianthus.

Perennial Plant Association star[offsite link]
This association specializes in perennial plants. Members receive a quarterly journal, a newsletter and more.

Perennials for Cottage Gardens star
Many perennials are very suitable for cottage gardens. Here are some suggestions.

Persian Catmint as Perennial of the Year 2007 star
Walker's Low Persian catmint is a delightful perennial, which has been named the 2007 Perennial of the Year.

Phlox David star
If you´re looking for award winning perennials, Phlox David can´t be beat.

Pow Wow and Pink Poodle Echinaceas star
Of the truly outstanding varieties of echinaceas, the Pow Wow Series and Pink Poodle are well worth growing.

Prairie Splendor and Purple Emperor Echinaceas star
The Prairie Splendor and Purple Emperor echinaceas are two beautiful, reliable varieties of the common purple coneflower.

Primadonna and Ruby Giant Echinaceas star
The Primadonna and Ruby Giant echinaceas deserve a spot in the garden. These are reliable, easy care varieties.

Primroses-Superstars of Spring star
Whatrever kind of weather the late winter brings, the vibrant perennial primroses welcome it. These hardy superstars usher in the new gardening season, and have earned a place in the landscape.

Ruby Star and Solar Flare Echinaceas star
With so many wonderful echinaceas available, it can be hard to choose. The ones presented here are top performers in the garden.

Russian Sage star
Russian sage is an easy to grow, carefree, reliable shrub that is suitable for many areas of the country.

Sombrero Adobe Orange and Sundown Echinaceas star
Echinaceas with hot colored flowers are now widely available, including several award winners. These include Sombrero Adobe Orange, Sundown, and Tomato Soup echinaceas.

Some Bib Bang Coreopsis Varieties star
The Big Bang series features outstanding coreopsis varieties. Some of those are profiled here.

Some Excellent Campanula Varieties star
The following campanula varieties are excellent choices for the landscape.

Some Excellent Dianthus Varieties star
Here are profiles of some excellent dianthus varieties for the home landscape.

Some Fool Proof Perennials star
Some perennials are so easy to grow they're virtually fool proof. Here are some examples.

Some Heirloom Daffodils star
Some delightful varieties of heirloom daffodils are readily available. These include Barret Browning daffodil, Mount Hood daffodil, and others

Some Hellebores star
The hellebores are members of the buttercup family. These have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Some Outstanding Anemones star
September Charm and Max Vogel are two outstanding anemone for the home landscape.

Some Outstanding Black Eyed Susans star
Henry Eilers and Little Gold Star Black Eyed Susans are two great plants for the home landscape.

Some Outstanding Coralbells star
Plum Pudding and Citronelle coral bells are two outstanding perennials for the home landscape.

Some Outstanding Coreopsis Varieties star
Route 66 threadleaf ccoreopsis and Zagreg coreopsis are outstanding varieties for the home landscape.

Some Outstanding Creeping Phlox Varieties star
The following outstanding varieties of creeping phlox are highly recommended.

Some Outstanding Hardy Geraniums star
Ballerina and Johnson's Blue hardy geraniums are two outstanding perennials for the home landscape.

Some Outstanding Speedwells for the Home Landscape star
Giles Van Hees and Purplicious speedwell are superb perennials for the home landscape.

Some Outstanding Wand Flowers star
The following varieties of wand flowers are great choices for the home landscape.

Some Perennials for Damp Gardens star
Certain perennials are well suited to damp gardens. These include the following.

Supreme Cantaloupe and Tiki Torch Echinaceas star
Gardeners can choose from many unusual flower color when it comes to the echinaceas. Supreme Cantaloupe and Tiki Torch are only two of the ones with vivid flowers.

The Blanket Flower star
Gaillardia, also called the blanket flower, is considered a most useful and attractive plant for the landscape.

The Pow Wow Purple Coneflowers star
The Pow Wow purple coneflowers are award winning perennials.

The Purple Coneflower star
Judging by its popularity as an herbal remedy, purple coneflower is likely the leading flowering herb grown in the landscapes.

The Very Useful Chicory star
Chicory happens to be one of the most useful weeds around. It serves many culinary and non-culinary purposes.

Yellow Flowered Heirloom Daffodils star
Of all the yellow flowered daffodils, the King Alfred was the most widely grown and the best loved variety. However, there are other outstanding yellow flowered old varieties.

Zabo Plant star[offsite link]
This site offers both flowerbulbs and perennials.

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